Fault Detection

Are your lights flickering? Are certain appliances causing power to cut off? Power points sparking? Or maybe appliances are creating burning smells? If you notice any of these, it may be stemming from an electrical fault. There are many types of faults. This can stem from excessive loads on the wiring or circuit, loose connections, or even damaged wires. Do not wait and contact us today if you think there may be an electrical fault, as It can be dangerous.

Power Points

Are you annoyed that you constantly have to use power boards, extension cords, and adapters to power all your devices? Every year our need for more power sockets increase, which is especially the case for older homes. Or maybe you’re planning on selling or renovating? If so, upgrading your power points is one of the fastest and most effective ways to improve the safety and look of your home. Whether to upgrade your existing power point, add new sockets, add a USB power point, or repair your current power point, then we are the guys to call. Our experts at Perfect Power will solve all your needs.

LED Upgrades

Your house looking dull inside? Does it feel gloomy? If so, inadequate lighting could be the reason. Not enough lighting can really change the atmosphere and vibe of your home. One of the fastest ways to improve your home is upgrading your lighting. Whether that means changing the types of lights, adding more lights, relocations, increasing energy efficiency, or maintenance and changing over, then we are the guys to call. We not only have extensive experience, but an exceptional portfolio in beautiful transformations.

Switchboard Repairs

Switchboards are like the brains of your electrical home system. If yours is outdated, it could be dangerous. With more appliances being used today, there’s a chance it could be overloading the system. Older switchboards could also short circuit, which could result in the fuses catching fire or even electrical shocking you. Maybe you want safety switches installed? Or maybe your switchboard just needs some maintenance and repairs? If so call us today to inspect your switchboard to assess whether it’s safe or not!

Surge Protection

Your home electrical system is vulnerable to external power issues. When an issue occurs throughout the grid, it could lead to a higher surge of voltage being directed into your home. The result of this is that your appliances and devices could be heavily damaged. Given that appliances and devices are expensive these days, a fast and effective way to protect them would be to call us about installing surge protectors. Our licensed experts at Perfect Power will ensure they are installed and protecting your appliances.

Appliance Installation

Appliances and devices are not always as easy as plug and play. Maybe you want your appliance to be installed hardwired, wall mounted, or requires advanced connecting and troubleshooting? If so then we are the experts at appliance installation. No matter what you need installed, from ovens, rangehoods, stovetops, security systems, TVs, sound systems, fans, or even hand dryers- Call our experienced electrician to help.

Data and Phone Lines

Slow internet speeds? Need a new data cable ran? Need a modem installed somewhere? No matter how good your modem is, a properly ran data cable will outperform any WiFi, which is essential for gaming, security systems, file sharing, and streaming. Whether you need an alarm system, security system installed, antenna points, phone socket and cable, or new ethernet points. Then we are the guys to call to make sure the cable is ran professionally, correctly and cosmetically pleasing.

Test and Tagging

Any appliance or device that has a power plug and needs to be plugged into a power socket needs to be inspected, tested and tagged. This needs to happen at regular intervals for it to comply under Australian standards. It is important to leave this to the us, the professionals, as DIY test and tagging could lead to expensive mistakes which will cost you more than hiring an expert to do it. Any audit that finds that the equipment has not been correctly tested and tagged would result in massive fines or worse, serious injury and even death. We offer the best prices and will ensure your equipment is correctly tested and tagged.


We specialise is running cables for new builds and renovations. From undergrounds to installing electrical features and fixtures, to rough ins and fit offs, we are the experts in all construction electrical needs. We not only liaise with you to ensure we can complete the works when it suites you, but also offer the best prices. We pride ourselves in completing projects in the quickest time possible. Whether you need supply and install, or install only, we are the one stop contractors to ensure your ultimate electrical satisfaction.